Visit regulations

It is absolutely forbidden to touch the artwork on display, unless otherwise indicated by the room attendants.
All the environments and artwork in The Bank are protected by an internal video surveillance system and electronic alarm equipment.
It is forbidden to enter with blunt objects, explosives, weapons and metal tools of various kinds that could pose a danger to people and to the artwork on display.
Consuming food and drinks within the Foundation's exhibition spaces is not permitted.
Exhibited objects and environments may be photographed with handheld cameras. The use of extendable selfie sticks and tripods is prohibited. Flash photography for personal and non-commercial shots is prohibited within all exhibition spaces. Animals, even small ones, are prohibited from entering the Foundation. Exceptions are made for guide dogs assisting visitors with disabilities. Organized groups may be accompanied by their own guide.
Entry with wheeled equipment is prohibited in all spaces, excluding medical equipment, wheelchairs, walkers and the like for people with disabilities and seniors.
The use of strollers inside exhibition spaces is not allowed.

Commercial photoshoots and/or posed shots are not allowed inside The Bank or in external environments.
Please contact the Communication Office in advance to request accreditation for the use of tripods and professional equipment: